A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

"Astrobeats" is a tower-defense rhythm game built for accessibility. Created as part of LSBU Games Cultures "Tangible Play" module with Lifelites.

Install instructions

Playing the game: Simply unzip and launch the .exe, make sure the .data folder is always in the same folder as the .exe.

AstroBeats comes with three modes, all available from the beginning of the game. Selecting any gives you a songlist for that appropriate mode, allowing you to pick one of the 10 available. Picking one of these will begin the song.

Aim: gives the player a cursor, and the player must use a device such as a mouse or eyeGaze in order to control it. Hitting the objects heading towards the Earth with the cursor destroys them and gives the players points, whereas if they miss, these will hit the Earth and the player will lose points.

At the end of the song, the game will tell the player if they've achieved a high score and give them the opportunity to go back to the main menu.

Beat: The structure stays the same for 'Beat' mode, but the gameplay alters. The player has no cursor, and must instead time the projectiles to meet the bar in the middle. When these enter, players must hit the space bar in order to destroy them. If they time this incorrectly, they lose points.

Multiblast: allows two players to work cooperatively with each other to defend the planet, with one taking up the role as cursor controller, and the other using space to destory projectiles

3D Modelling: Charlie Poole.

Design/Writing: Ben Taylor.

Art: Harley Knowles, Farah Harmouzi.

Design/Programming: Miles Gilbert, Andrew Forsythe.

Music/SFX: Andrew St Ledger, Ben Shaw.


AstrobeatsPC.zip 55 MB
AstrobeatsMac.zip 56 MB

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