A downloadable game for Windows

James Safford is a soldier. He fought for the 'greater good'.
Now he's being punished for it.

A psychological horror following the atrocities of war.

Created in Unity by students of LSBU's Games Cultures course, Blackout is a planned psychological horror game made to question what happens to those who commit evil in the name of good.

Install instructions

Simply unzip and launch the .exe, make sure the .data folder is always in the same folder as the .exe.

Design/3D Modelling: Charlie Poole.

Design/Writing: Ben Taylor

Art: Harley Knowles, Farah Harmouzi.

Programming: Miles Gilbert, Andrew Forsythe.

Music/SFX: Andrew St Ledger.


BlackoutPrototype.zip 88 MB


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nothing lets me interact with it, I did as the instructions said.

What the hell!? There's text appearing at the bottom of the screen (I'm guessing a helpful tutorial message), but it's so far at the bottom of the screen that I can't read it. I changed my aspect ratio multiple times and still couldn't make it out.

Nice idea.